3 Ways to Keep Your Home Heated During Winter

The beginning of the spring is a good time to go through your home and ensure that the air quality is good and flows without any issues. There are a variety of maintenance repairs and upgrades that should be conducted on your home at this time, including upgrades to your roof, changes to the thermostat, and weather stripping. This simple change could make a difference in your home air-flow system's ability to produce and retain heat efficiently. This list contains three ways that will help keep your home warm during the winter.

Getting Rid of Air Drafts

The insulation system within your home should be checked out to determine the quality of air and whether there are any existing drafty areas found along the window seals. If drafty areas are located, this could allow the heating flowing through your home to escape and allow colder air to seep inside. All doors within your home should also be looked over for possible foundation issues that could cause gaps along the wall where the hinges should be connected.

If the seal has started to come off the windows or doors, you should consider placing weather-strip adhesives along the door frame to seal off the drafty area. In addition, to further secure your home against air drafts, use foam plate seals to close off air pockets around light switches and electrical outlets.

Switching Out the Thermostat

The use of a programmable digital thermostat is more efficient for your home's heating system. These units allow you to create settings that will remotely control your home's heating air-flow quality. Most digital thermostats are made to work with apps on your smartphone for geofencing.

The purpose of geofencing is to allow most thermostats to recognize when someone is at the house and then adjust the temperature setting for comfort. In addition, when no activity is detected at home, the thermostat adjusts the temperature to help save energy. Digital thermostats hooked up with your smartphone can also provide you with informational reports about how much you are saving in energy costs as well.

Overhauling Your Home's Roof and Siding

Consider having your siding and roof looked over to ensure that the heat within your home isn't seeping out through cracks. It's possible that your home's heat could be escaping because of damage that occurred during the winter. The seal or shingles along your roof may need to be replaced, and the siding may have come loose and may need to be tightened as well.

The maintenance and repairs completed on your home not only will ensure that your home will stay warm during the winter but also will help to lower your utility bills.

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