Three Questions You May Need Answered About Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster rentals can be necessary for situations where you will need to handle large amounts of trash or debris. When you are renting a dumpster for your construction project, you may want to ensure you have some of the more basic information when it comes to using these dumpsters.

Do You Have To Haul Your Dumpster To The Landfill To Empty It?

Depending on the size of your project, there is a reasonable chance that you will fill the dumpster before the work is completed. Often, people will assume that this means they must take the dumpster to the landfill to empty it. Yet, many dumpster rental providers will handle this part of the process on your behalf. Rather than hauling your own dumpster, you will be able to simply contact the dumpster provider to arrange for it to be emptied. When you request this service, a new dumpster will be provided and the old one will be emptied at the landfill and returned to the rental service.

What Materials Should You Avoid Putting In The Dumpster?

For safety reasons, there will be a number of items and materials that will not be permitted to be placed in the dumpster. These materials will often include flammable or toxic chemicals. Additionally, there are many services that will not allow certain electronic devices in the dumpster as they can contain a surprising number of harmful substances. If you do not comply with these rules, you may find yourself being forced to pay an expensive fine or additional fee due to the need to remove these materials from the dumpster before it can be transported.  

Are There Any Recommended Safety Steps You Should Follow When Using The Dumpster?

A dumpster is a fairly basic piece of equipment, but there are some important safety procedures you should be following. Individuals and animals can attempt to climb in the dumpster to use it for shelter. This can pose a safety threat when you or your workers are attempting to put debris in it. In order to prevent unauthorized people from using the dumpster or animals from building nests in it, you should keep the dumpster covered during the overnight hours and on days when you will not be using it. Most dumpsters will come with a lid that can easily be placed over it, but if your unit did not include this feature, you can achieve similar results by placing a thick tarp over the dumpster.

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