What Can You Do As An Electrical Engineer?

If you love thinking quickly, problem solving, and have experience as an electrician or an apprentice to an electrical company, then getting a career as an electrical engineer may be a great career change for you. This is a career that is in high demand in the industrial and manufacturing industries and can lead to a diverse and challenging daily work that you can enjoy. Here are some job descriptions you can expect to see come your way as an electrical engineer.


An overseer in any project is the person in charge of making sure that tasks are accomplished correctly and on time. As an overseer in your field, you can expect to lead a team in the construction of large electrical panels, rerouting of electrical circuits, and even inspection of wattage allowances for large buildings, such as skyscrapers, warehouses, and even chemical plants.

Repair technician

Large industrial plants, such as gas, metal, or even recycling plants, rely on electricity to keep their equipment running safely and effectively. As such, they require a technician to be on staff to check outages, shorts in certain areas, and to replace or repair electrical outlets, lines, and wiring connectors on a regular basis. With your skills in engineering you will also be kept on-hand to re-route outdated wires and replace copper fittings with better conductive wiring.

Building consultant

If you prefer to start your own business, consider becoming an electrical design building consultant for companies as they are building new plants and large buildings. You can work with general contractors and electricians to come up with the right panel concept and oversee the project until it meets completion. This will require skills in designing blueprints and 3D imprints so you can have visual aids contractors can use.

To give yourself higher credence in this field, which can earn you over $100,000 a year with the right credentials and experience, you will want to pursue a college degree in engineering along with getting experience as an electrician's apprentice. Many industries will hire you with little experience and have you train under a supervisor so you can get the real-world experience you need to succeed in this lucrative career. You can talk to a career advisor or college instructor to see what classes you should take to help you enhance your hiring opportunities in this field. You can also check job boards in the industrial and manufacturing fields seeking entry-level electrician work or engineering skills to help you build your resume for greater success. For more information, contact companies like Albarell Electric Inc.

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