Quick! Name The Four Fastest Ways To Cut Industrial Rolls Of Paper!

When paper is made, it is usually formed into massive sheets rolled onto giant cardboard tubes. Thousands of tons of paper are then shipped this way all over the country and the world. If you needed to trim the rolls or cut some paper off one of these rolls, how would you do it? Here are the five fastest ways to cut paper from industrial rolls.


Slitters are machines that can take a large roll of paper (or other rolled material) and cut it either horizontally or vertically. When cut horizontally, you are cutting sheets from the roll. When cut vertically, the roll is sliced into several smaller rolls that will allow you to cut smaller horizontal sheets. A slitter can make these cuts in just a few seconds to under four minutes with most industrial rolls of paper.


Perforators do not cut all the way through rolls or sheets of paper. Instead, they create perfect perforations in the rolls of paper so that you can easily tear off the sheets without ripping the paper. You can set these machines to make perforations a foot apart, six inches apart, etc.. While the perforators do not fully cut the paper, they do make it incredibly simple for you to cut or tear your way through a roll.


In this case, "scorers" does not mean someone who keeps score. It actually means a machine that makes scored lines on the paper as the paper is rolled from one cardboard tube to another. This method makes it ideal for any organization or country that lacks cutting implements because the pre-scored paper rips right along the scored lines as though you were cutting the paper with your mind.

Table Saws (in a Pinch)

While this is not the optimal way to cut paper, it does work. Industrial rolls of paper that are at least eight inches in diameter can be cut like trees of the same diameter. Drop them onto the saw's table and push them through the rotating blade to cut through the paper and the tubing. Just be really careful about it, since the paper could start to "crisp" around the cut edges. Cutting slowly prevents the paper rolls and their cardboard tubes from igniting.

When You Need It Cut Fast and Now

If you have purchased a giant roll of paper because it meant bulk prices, but you need the roll cut fast and cut now, take it to an industrial paper factory. They will use one of the above machines and methods to cut the roll into more manageable pieces for you. Be sure to bring a truck or cargo van, as you will need it for hauling the paper.

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