Finding The Right Machine Shop For Your Project Or Custom Part

Creating a custom part or having a very rare replacement part for something can be tough. If the measurements are not right, the part may not work in your project or repair but there is a way to get the most accurate pieces made to order and have them fit precisely every time. Working with a CNC machine shop is the best way to get the exacting standards that you need without trial and error getting in the way.

What Does CNC Stand For?

CNC is an abbreviation that stands for computer numerical control and refers to machines that are run by an operator or machinist but use a program that is loading into them to guide the tool and create the part or object just as you pictured it. The program is created with CAD software so it is very precise but does mean that you may not be able to do that part yourself. Typically the CNC program is written by an engineer and takes time to develop but once the program is finished, it can be loaded to the machine any time the same part is needed.

What Kinds Of Machines Run On CNC Systems?

The most common machine in the CNC world is a large mill that can drill holes, remove material and cut a part from a blank piece of metal. Along with these mills, there are lathes, water jets, and plasma cutters that can run on a CNC platform. What the machine shop chooses to have available is up to them but if you explain your job needs, they can tell you if it is possible for them to make.

Making The Old New Again

One of the great things about a CNC machine is that if you have the old part, an engineer or CNC operator can measure the part and input all the numbers that will create the part just as it should be. If the part is broken, you may need to search for a [picture of the part so you can tell if there is anything on the missing part that you can't see without it. Something as simple as a groove or slot cut in the part that wrong way may be enough to make it not work. If you can get an engineer to create the CNC file from your old part, you will have the ability to make these parts over and over again. Save the program in a safe place so if you need it again is a good proactive step as well.

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