Keep Diagnostic Equipment In Top Notch Condition

If you own a computer repair business and the technicians who are employed by you rely upon diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot problems with clients computers, keeping your machinery in top notch condition is vital for the success of your business. Use the tips below to assist with maintaining equipment and preventing damage.

Reliability Software

Purchase equipment reliability software to keep tabs on the condition of the diagnostic equipment. With software, you can input information about the date that each diagnostic machine was last inspected and any underlying problems that were found. If you keep spare parts to service machinery and would like your technicians to be able to find parts with ease if they encounter a problem with one of the pieces of equipment, they can refer to the software as long as you have documented the location of various mechanical parts.

If you enter the model numbers for the equipment that you own, you will be provided with summarizations about signs to look for that indicate that a machine needs to be repaired. This information can save your technicians valuable time if they have a computer to repair and need to get a diagnostic machine up and running prior to completing their job duties. 

Routine Inspections

Make sure that diagnostic equipment is inspected on a routine basis. If your technicians are not trained to handle maintenance needs associated with this type of equipment, sign them up for training courses that are designed to educate them about the machinery and their key components.

During training sessions, the technicians will likely be provided with diagrams of the machinery and they may even be offered a hands-on learning center that will assist with diagnosing a problem and making a repair in the correct manner. Instruct your technicians to study the material that was presented to them and to take a refresher course if you think more practice is needed. 

Covers And Weekly Dusting 

Purchase clear, waterproof covers and request that the technicians turn diagnostic equipment off and cover it before heading home each day. The covers will prevent moisture from accumulating on the surface of equipment, which could cause one or more machines to malfunction. The covers will also prevent the machinery from getting dirty. It is important, however, to briefly dust each piece of machinery each week to be sure that dust particles do not clog a machine's components and result in a malfunction. 

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