Working With Industrial Valves? 4 Reasons You Need Electric Valve Actuators

If you're going to be working with industrial valves, you'll need to become familiar with electric valve actuators. You might not realize this now, but the valve actuators play an important role in ensuring the proper function of your industrial valves. There are several different types of valve actuators, including pneumatic and electric. One of the benefits of the electric valve actuators is that they function well under extreme heat conditions. In addition to the temperature benefit that electric valve actuators provide, here are four other benefits for you to consider.

Ensures Proper Closure

When it comes to working with industrial valves, you need to make sure that they'll close properly each time. Significant damage, not to mention injuries, can occur when industrial valves fail to close properly. One of the benefits of electric valve actuators is that they ensure proper closure every time. Electric valve actuators will hold ensure proper closure during throttle conditions, which will prevent malfunctions and other hazardous conditions.

Maintains Proper Position

While the valve is operational, it must remain in the proper position. Without an electric valve actuator, the valve may slip from position, which could cause damage to the ball or joint. The electric valve actuator reduces the occurrence of slippage by holding the valve firmly in place during operation. If your valves should begin to experience slippage during operation, you should have your valve actuator inspected as soon as possible.

Instant Detection of Valve Failure

When it comes to working with industrial valves, instant detection of failure is imperative. Without proper detection, the valve may continue to operate during unsafe conditions, leading to a catastrophic malfunction. One of the benefits of the electric valve actuator is that it will instantly detect valve failure and go into failure mode. The failure mode will shut down the equipment and prevent damage and injuries. Once your valves go into failure mode, operation will be impossible until the problem is resolved, or the valves are replaced.

Allows Adequate Rotation

While the valves are operational, they need to be given room for full rotational movement. If you're going to be performing functions that require a 180 degree rotation, you're going to need an electric valve actuator. With the electric valve actuator, you'll be ensured that your valves will achieve the rotational access that they need for proper function. Should your valves fail to rotate properly, you'll need to have your equipment inspected.

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