4 Things For Which Powder Coating Does An Astronomical Job And Why

Powder coating is a type of industrial painting and a painting technique itself. It is widely used, probably more than you realize. In fact, if you went through your entire household, you might be surprised to discover that all of the following have been powder-coated, and with good reason.

1. Bikes, Trikes, and Wagons Too

All of your children's (and yours, too) outdoor play equipment that is made of metal has been powder-coated. All bicycles, tricycles, and yes, even your little red wagons are powder-coated. The reasons for that are because this type of paint and paint application protect metal, keep it from rusting, and maintain even, unbleachable color for practically most of the bike's, trike's, or wagon's expected lifespan.

2. Appliances

Appliances are exposed to extreme temperatures, water, dirt, etc.. All of these factors can affect the appearance of the appliances, as well as their ability to function. There is also that little thing called "attractiveness," since most people would not choose bare, untreated metal and steel in full view of guests. Hence, most appliances receive a generous color coating of powder paint.

3. Cookware

In this day and age, if you want all of your kitchen pans to be red, purple, orange, teal, yellow, or any other color of the rainbow, they are powder-coated. The paint used to color the exteriors of all your pots and pans is resistant to heat. In fact, it is the heat that makes the colors adhere and remain indefinitely on your pans. So, the more heat the pans are exposed to, the better.

4. Your Car

Yup, even your car or truck is powder-coated. This should not surprise you in the least since powder coating was initially developed for the automotive industry anyway. If you ever have your vehicle repainted or have some body paint detailing work done, the technician will probably use this painting technique because it dries and cures so quickly and leaves a flawless look.

You Want Something Powder-Coated? There Is Only One Requirement

The only requirement for applying powdered pain is that the object is metal and/or resistant to extreme heat. Metal is already naturally heat resistant, to a point. Other objects have to be able to resist heat up past the point needed to cure the powdered paint. If your objects can resist that much heat, and they are not metal, they may still qualify for the powder coating and painting process.

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