How Plastic Film Cores Are More Durable Than Cardboard Film Cores

Film cores are usually made of either cardboard or plastic. Choosing the right material is more important than you might realize. Durability is probably a concern, so materials matter. If you're worried about durability, you'll probably want to order plastic film cores. They're more durable for various reasons and in all different types of scenarios.

They're More Heat-Resistant 

Heat is a concern in some manufacturing plants and industrial settings. The equipment that you use to roll plastic, paper or other materials on your film cores might get very hot, for example. Cardboard can easily catch on fire if it gets too hot, which poses an obvious safety issue and can lead to the destruction of both the film core and other things. Plastic film cores can melt with too much heat, but they're more heat-resistant than cardboard and are less likely to catch on fire quickly.

They Aren't Easily Damaged By Water

Water is another thing that might come into contact with your film cores. If your equipment has just been cleaned or if the products that are wound on your film cores are left out in the rain, water is a concern. Of course, you do have to worry about the material that is being wrapped around your film cores being damaged by water, particularly if you are using paper products. 

Cardboard film cores can also easily become damaged and mushy if they're exposed to water. Plastic film cores, on the other hand, can easily just be wiped off to remove any water. You should not be able to tell that they were wet, and damage should not be a concern after the water is wiped off of plastic film cores.

They Aren't Easily Crushed

If you've ever worked with cardboard film cores before, you probably know that you can easily crush them with your hands without having to use too much force. If you try to do the same thing with plastic film cores, you'll probably hurt your hand before you destroy the film core. This makes it easy to see that plastic film cores are tougher than cardboard film cores. If you're using your film cores in a tough industrial environment, you're sure to appreciate this added durability. If you're going to be using film cores for wrapping up products that will be shipped or sold in a retail setting, you'll notice that damage is less likely as well.

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