Renting A Crane For Your Project Site

Whenever you have a need to move a large and heavy item, a crane can be an effective tool. While it is unlikely that your contracting firm owns a crane, there are services that can provide a rental crane that can meet your firm's needs.

Identify The Maximum Load The Crane Must Lift

It is essential for you to have an accurate understanding about the maximum load that the crane will have to move. Otherwise, you could inadvertently exceed this limit, and put yourself or your workers at risk. Additionally, you could find yourself paying to a crane that is far more powerful than you need, which can be much more expensive. In addition to the weight of the items that will be moved, you should also consider the shape of these items as this could impact the attachments that you need for the crane.

Avoid Permitting Violations

Communities often have rules in place concerning the placement of large pieces of equipment. As part of these rules, there may be requirements to be granted a permit before placing and using this equipment. Individuals that violate the local permitting rules can find their project shut down, fined or facing other serious consequences. Reviewing these rules for each community that you serve can be time-consuming, but it may be the only way to avoid your project facing these potential delays or additional expenses.

Have A Certified Operator To Work The Crane

A crane is a highly complicated machine, and it can be remarkably difficult to control the items that are being moved by the crane. Considering the injuries and damages that can occur from a crane losing control of the items that it is moving, it is vital to only have an experienced professional crane operator manning your crane. Many rental services can either provide operators for the cranes that they rent or they may be able to refer you to a service that can provide an operator for your project.

Prepare Your Staff To Work Near An Operational Crane

While a crane may be essential for your project, it can make the work area more hazardous. This makes it necessary to take proactive steps for protecting your workers. In particular, all workers that will be on the project site should receive training in the best safety practices for being around an operational crane. Furthermore, the number of workers that will be in the area of the crane should be limited to only essential personnel.

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