A Brief Introduction To Shoulder Screws

Fasteners are used in a wide range of applications across many different industries. It's important that you are able to identify the unique characteristics of basic fasteners so that you can choose the fastener that is best suited for your project.

Shoulder screws are a versatile type of fastener that can offer specific benefits when used in the construction of a product or machine. Become familiar with shoulder screws so that you can utilize these fasteners in the future.

Anatomy of a Shoulder Screw

Shoulder screws can be recognized by unique anatomical features that set them apart from other fasteners.

Shoulder screws have the typical head and threaded elements common to all screw varieties, but they also have a smooth section on their shank. The smooth section is located between the threads and the head of a shoulder screw.

The head of a shoulder screw can be round, hexagonal, or even square. Shoulders screws come with either a round or a square shank, and each has a specialized purpose.

Uses for Shoulder Screws

The smooth section on the shank of a shoulder screw allows these fasteners to serve a very unique purpose.

Round shoulder screws are used when a product or machine has moving parts that must fit together. The smooth portion of the shank allows for a free range of motion, while the threaded portion can be firmly secured to prevent the free-moving part from coming loose.

Square shoulder screws are used for the exact opposite. The smooth section on a square shoulder screw locks pieces into place so that they cannot move when placed under pressure.

Shoulder Screw Applications

The unique design of shoulder screws makes these fasteners the perfect choice for some very specialized applications.

Round shoulder screws can be found in wheel axle assemblies and within machinery that has rotating components. The smooth shaft portion of round shoulder screws allows wheels to rotate freely on automobiles and bicycles.

Square shoulder screws are typically paired with wood. You will commonly see square shoulder screws used to fasten the components in wooden playsets and swingsets. Since square shoulder screws prevent movement, they can add stability to outdoor structures that children will climb on each day.

The use of fasteners allows you to join various components together to form one product or machine. Select a shoulder screw when you need to lock components in place or allow one component to rotate.

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