2 Key Features To Look For In Interior Ceiling Debris Containment Wraps

If you need to do work on your building's roof or ceilings, then you might have decided to install a suspended temporary ceiling. These ceilings use strong wrap materials to create a barrier between a roof or ceiling and the space below it.

This barrier prevents dust and debris from falling down as your crews work. It enables you to continue your business operations while work is ongoing without any risk to your employees, assets, or workspaces.

However, not all containment wraps are the same. To get the best protection, look for products with the following features.

1. Strong Containment

An effective containment wrap will fit precisely in your space; it will completely cover the area under your roof or ceiling. It will also be made from a strong and thick material that is able to hold any falling dust or debris without breaking.

Wraps should also have some puncture resistance. They shouldn't tear or cut easily if something sharp falls down on them.

This can sometimes happen even on the strongest materials, so look for wraps with extra puncture protection. These wraps are designed not to tear or break if they do get a small hole or tear in them. The rest of the material should hold steady; the hole or tear shouldn't get any bigger.

2. Fire Protection

Your ceiling wrap should give you some fire protection. For example, flame-resistant materials can help stop the spread of fire.

Plus, if you have sprinklers on your roof or ceiling, then you should take extra care to choose the right kind of wrap. If a wrap blocks your sprinkler system, then your sprinklers might not activate if you have a fire.

In some cases, you can install a wrap above sprinklers to avoid this problem. The wrap won't block the system which should operate as normal during your construction work.

However, if you have to put a wrap under your sprinklers, then look for products with built-in sprinkler protection. Here, the wrap has a series of heat-sensitive areas that have a lower melting point than the rest of the material.

If there is a fire, these areas will melt and break faster than the rest of the wrap. This opens up the ceiling so that your sprinklers can detect a fire and start working as soon as possible.

To get started, contact interior ceiling debris containment wrap suppliers, such as Rapid Installation Group, and ask about their products.

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