4 Types Of Metal You Can Find At A Metal Scrap Yard

Scrap yards are full of interesting things, from old car parts to forgotten tools. In fact, one of the best places to find or sell metal is a metal scrap yard. Whether you're looking for aluminum cans, copper pipes, or another metal item, there are plenty of different types of scrap metal you can find and repurpose into something useful. Here are four common types of metal you may find at a metal scrap yard.

1) Aluminum

Aluminum is a popular metal known for being lightweight but strong, making it a practical choice for many projects. You can often find aluminum cans and containers at the scrap yard that can be recycled into new items, such as wreaths or other decorations. You can also find spare parts from larger items like bicycles or cookware as well as aluminum window frames and doors. You may even come across aluminum rods, wires, and sheets that are perfect for DIY projects or repairs, so take a look at your local scrap yard when you get a chance.

2) Copper

Copper is a soft metal that's often found in electrical applications due to its strong conductive properties. Copper is often used for wiring in buildings or homes, but it can also be found in items like pipes and faucets. It's a great material to salvage for DIY projects, although it can be more expensive than some other scrap metals due to its high demand. You can also sell old copper pieces to a metal scrap yard if they buy that type of metal. 

3) Steel

Steel is a strong and durable metal that's often used in construction or industrial applications. You may find steel beams, rods, and plates at the scrap yard that can be turned into furniture, shelving units, and other projects. Steel is also a great material for making tools, so you may come across old shovels or hammers that have been discarded but still have plenty of life left in them. 

Steel can be heavy. If you're selling steel to your scrap yard rather than buying it, ask if the business offers scrap metal pickup services. That way, you can get your steel there safely and easily with no wear and tear on your own vehicle. 

4) Brass

Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc that's often used to make decorative items, like door knockers or sculptures. You can find brass components at the scrap yard that would look great in a repurposed piece of furniture or artwork. Brass is also useful for making musical instruments as it has a bright, mellow sound when struck. 

These are just a few of the metals you can find at a metal scrap yard. Visit your local scrap yard to see what materials and items they have, and remember that you can also sell your own scrap metal for cash or trade it in for something useful.

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